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Bryan Miller

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.”  In my estimation, this quote from Ferris Bueller is more relevant now than when first uttered.  We’re in a period where everything continues to speed up and we’re all moving along at breakneck speed to get to the next task, the next meeting, the next event...

It's often easier to keep your head down and just plow away.  The downside of this is that it’s also easy to miss (or simply take for granted) some of the amazing things that are happening in the world due to technology.

Smartphones, for example.  In the span of just a few years they’ve managed to become a nearly indispensable tool.  Gone are the days of proud parents stuffing their wallets with photos — you now have a literal gallery at your beck and call.  Simply carrying the phone gives us the ability to capture those special moments that in years past may be missed.  Try to remember what life was like travelling to a new city before we all started carrying portable GPS units in our pockets.  What would before take hours of planning is now able to be done in minutes (if not seconds).  That’s not to say that all of the consequences of these pocket computers has been beneficial, but I’d argue that the good outweighs the bad by a significant margin.

Imagine the opportunity to create new technology in today's world.  Instead of further connecting people (like the smartphone did), think of developing the next generation of sustainability.  Advancing the capability of businesses to reduce the amount of energy they consume and to make their facilities healthier.  To help build intelligence that create win-win scenarios for companies and consumers at the same time.   Regardless of anyone’s beliefs on climate change and why it’s happening, it’s clear that the climate is changing.  Another thing that has been clear for some time is that the resources that we have on this planet are finite.  Finally, we’ve also learned that the cheapest energy of all is the energy that doesn’t get used.

Right now there is such an opportunity available. We’re growing our sustainable offerings, which currently include energy-saving demand controls for commercial kitchens (Intelli-Hood®), an innovative geothermal solution (Manifest), and HVAC commissioning (Test and Balance). We  are about to release an innovative new building health monitor (PositiV®) and have more innovation on the way.  We’re also creating an awesome customer portal that will connect our employees and customers with a clean, intuitive interface, creating new applications to expand the reach of our hardware, and improving the work-life balance of our employees.  Help us build the new tomorrow. View current career openings at Melink.



Bryan Miller

About Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller serves as Melink Corporation's Vice President of Technology.