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Making Sense (and Dollars) of Building Pressure

Alex Falck

Why should I care about building pressure?

Walking and Talking Sustainability: What’s your building saying?

Joshua Gerlock

At Melink, our mission is to change the world one building at a time. To do this, we focus on helping decision makers implement sustainable solutions. Sustainability has many faces; renewable ...

Indoor Dew Point: Maintaining Comfort, Avoiding Building Damage

Alex Falck

Condensation, moisture absorption and, subsequently, mold or organic growth are often a result of high indoor dew point combined with cool surface temperatures. 

How Restaurants Can Verify Proper Ventilation for Health & Comfort


If you have owned or operated a restaurant, you are familiar with the challenges of maintaining proper airflow throughout the building. 

Prevent Sick Buildings: Why Positive Building Pressure Matters

Darryl Stones

Can a building get sick? I’ll give you the answer up front: Yes, sure, most definitely — a building can get “sick.”