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Alex Falck

Alex Falck has been with Melink since 2017 and is the Product Manager for PositiV, Melink’s standalone building health monitor. Alex holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering with a focus on air quality from the University of Cincinnati.

Recent Posts

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Alex Falck

Why should I care about building pressure?

Indoor Dew Point: Maintaining Comfort, Avoiding Building Damage

Alex Falck

Condensation, moisture absorption and, subsequently, mold or organic growth are often a result of high indoor dew point combined with cool surface temperatures.

How Do Seasonal Changes Affect Building Health?

Alex Falck

As we transition from dry, cool winter months to hot, humid summer months, you may be saying to yourself, “Woohoo! Bring on the heat!” However, seasonal changes can affect

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Alex Falck

In today’s world, we are surrounded by smart phones, watches, cars, and other devices that are becoming further integrated into our ...