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Brent Morris

Brent Morris currently serves as the Director of Sales. He is responsible for sales, strategy, and customer service within many of the largest hospitality, healthcare, and energy service companies in North America. Brent also manages Melink's international sales efforts in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and Europe.

Recent Posts

The Importance of Air Quality in Your Restaurant

Brent Morris

Customers may not notice it at first, but the air quality of your restaurant is a large part of their dining experience. The smell, the heat, the negative air pressure, the humidity and thickness of the air, ...

Is Your Indoor Air Environment Driving Your Sales Up or Driving Your Customers Out the Door?

Brent Morris

Can you think of a time when you experienced less than desirable ambient conditions while visiting a retail store, supermarket, restaurant, or another similar venue? Chances ...

Grocery Store Climate Control: How Your Favorite Store Keeps Fresh

Brent Morris

Supermarkets have been operating around the clock during the pandemic to keep their patrons well-stocked with the essentials. One thing that many people (besides maybe the engineers who build them) don’t appreciate is how these stores ...

Why LEED Buildings Make Financial Sense

Brent Morris

The University of Notre Dame chose sustainable, LEED-approved construction options and why you should, too.

Top 3 Construction Industry Trends in the U.S.

Brent Morris

A discussion of 2020 construction industry trends.