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Brent Morris

Brent Morris currently serves as the Director of Sales. He is responsible for sales, strategy, and customer service within many of the largest hospitality, healthcare, and energy service companies in North America. Brent also manages Melink's international sales efforts in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and Europe.

Recent Posts

Coronavirus & Indoor Air Quality

Brent Morris

Now, maybe more than ever, many businesses are concerned about indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect employees and customers from coronavirus. 

Love Is in the Air (and So Are Dangerous Gasses)

Brent Morris

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we can’t ignore the fact that love is in the air and all around. The season of love and Cupid’s magic are hard to ignore. ...

PositiV and Test and Balance: Fighting Sick Building Syndrome

Brent Morris

Sick Building Syndrome is a condition that affects a building's occupants due to unhealthy factors in the facility. Top contributors to Sick Building Syndrome are poor ventilation and poor airflow. 

Benchmarking, Lighting, What's Next? Kitchen Ventilation

Brent Morris

Kitchen ventilation, both exhaust and make up air, represents a significant opportunity for kWh and kBTU reductions in your facility.