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Brent Morris

Sick Building Syndrome is a condition that affects a building's occupants due to unhealthy factors in the facility. Top contributors to Sick Building Syndrome are poor ventilation and poor airflow. 

Per the EPA, symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome include acute discomfort such as

  • Headaches
  • Dry skin
  • Coughing
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea.
Despite all these symptoms, Sick Building Syndrome can go undetected for years as the symptoms are all relatively minor. They can occur over multiple years with occupants never really considering why they are occurring.

With the release of Melink PositiV® earlier this year, facility managers can now remotely diagnose and asses four of the key building metrics that contribute to building health:

  • CO2
  • Relative humidity
  • Building pressure
  • Temperature

By ensuring these four building metrics are within acceptable ranges, facility managers can sleep well knowing that they will be able to monitor and track if their facility is showing early signs of Sick Building Syndrome. This can empower the end user to act and stop the early patterns that can lead to numerous issues down the road.

With Melink's sensor technology, you will know it is time to act when one of the four measurements are outside of the recommended limits. A primary way of attempting to correct any of these issues in a facility is to have a test and balance performed to reset airflow to the engineered design plans. During a test and balance, existing issues are identified and corrected to allow for proper airflow into the space. Through this process the technician should be examining and resetting the outside air dampers at the facility to allow the building to receive the correct amount of fresh air. The combination of monitoring and acting on the data allows end-users to ensure comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient facilities.



Brent Morris

About Brent Morris

Brent Morris currently serves as the Director of Sales. He is responsible for sales, strategy, and customer service within many of the largest hospitality, healthcare, and energy service companies in North America. Brent also manages Melink's international sales efforts in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and Europe.