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Ohioans, are you a locally elected leader or city employee who wants to help your city go green? Not sure where to begin?

Power a Clean Future Ohio is a nonpartisan coalition that works with local leaders to develop and implement proven solutions to reduce carbon emissions. Its goals are to:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of communities across Ohio
  • Attract clean energy development to the state to create careers for Ohioans
  • Implement policies supported by local communities
  • Reduce energy costs for cities, businesses, and residents

By creating tools and resources for local communities, Power a Clean Future Ohio strives to create customized action plans that make sense for each local community.



Communities Leading the Way in Ohio

These communities have worked with Power a Clean Future Ohio and have committed to taking steps to reduce the impact of climate change:

  • Athens — The Southeastern Ohio city has pledged itself to solar projects and electric vehicles. The city has prioritized purchasing EVs for its fleet. Residents even voted in favor of adding a carbon fee to electric bills to help fund local solar projects.
  • Cincinnati — Future home of the largest municipal solar array in the country! Cincinnati’s solar project will provide clean energy to all of the city’s facilities and reduce the region’s annual carbon emissions by an estimated 158k tons.
  • Lancaster — This city has steadily made changes such as switching its street lamps to LED lights and adding EV charging stations to its downtown. Lancaster has also opened a compost facility, accessible to any city resident free of charge.

Read what other Ohio communities are doing.


Take Action

Power a Clean Future connects cities with resources to create carbon reduction plans, customized for their unique needs. Interested? To learn more, download the Ohio Clean Energy and Sustainable Communities Toolkit.



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