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Solar Industry News Updates: November 2019

Seth Parker

Quickly catch up on the latest solar industry news...

Re-Deployable Commercial Solar Systems

Luke Larison

There are many barriers for property owners who are considering adding commercial solar capabilities to their buildings. Barriers may include installation cost, installation time, debt financing, and structural integrity of the roof. To ...

Capture Reflective Light with Bifacial Solar Panels


Traditional solar modules are designed to capture as much light energy as possible on one side and convert that into electrical power, while any residual light is reflected away. A recent innovation in solar panel technology ...

Solar PV Material Efficiency

Luke Larison

With innovations such as bifacial solar panels, solar windows, and solar shingles, it is certainly an exciting time for the solar industry. In today’s fast-paced market, it is important to adapt quickly to consumer demands.

Solar PV Module Pricing Dropping Over 30%

Seth Parker

Over the last five years, commercial solar PV prices have dropped by 58%, making the renewable source of solar energy more accessible to the average consumer. And with recent news from China, we know solar module prices are about to ...