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The Melink Umbrella

6/27/19 8:00 AM / by Melink

Are you an existing customer or follower of Melink?  I’m guessing the answer is “yes” if you’re reading this, so what all falls under the "Melink Umbrella"? 

If you’re in the Cincinnati region, perhaps we’re best known for our super-green energy efficient headquarters building, with a second on the way, or Steve Melink’s advocacy in the region surrounding energy efficiency and sustainability.  Those things help to show who we are as a company; however,  what we do as a business to support our mission of changing the world one building at time can be fuzzy. 

To help illustrate the portfolio of offerings at Melink, pretend for a moment you own a hotel, restaurant or a large commercial kitchen facility... 

Prior to leaving for work in the morning you utilize your smartphone to check if your building is healthy for your employees and customers by swiping open your PositiV® app to check the latest building health makers of indoor CO2, temperature, humidity, and building pressure.

You notice that your building pressure has been trending in the negative for the past week and notify your Melink Test & Balance account manager that you’d like an investigative visit to determine the root cause and corrective measures prior to an upcoming event.  You meet your Melink field-technician on site, who identifies the outside air damper on your RTU has been locked shut and there’s an insufficient amount of fresh outside air being supplied to your building.

This negative air pressure situation would have been substantially worse; however, you have a self-learning adaptive control system that adjusts the kitchen exhaust fan speeds in accordance with the cooking loads in real time.  Your Intelli-Hood® control system automatically turns itself on in case the prep crew starts cooking without the fans and will preemptively warn your team if there’s an issue with the exhaust fan to mitigate risk from fire.

Knowing your building is back to optimal conditions, you head to the back office to review your utility bill statements and prepare payments.  You’re sure there’s a billing error; however, you remember this past month your new rooftop mounted solar system has been installed and commissioned resulting in a 40% decline on your electrical bill. 

Likewise, your gas bill for operations in the winter time has never been much of a concern since your building's geothermal HVAC system is utilizing the ground underneath your parking lot as a natural heat sink, rather than using gas to boil water for your HVAC units.  In addition, you have a waste water reclamation system to extract the heat in the water being dumped in the sewer to preheat your domestic hot water tank. 

Welcome to the "Melink Umbrella."  While not all customers have the potential to benefit from the full suite of our offerings, these complementary business units make us a stronger partner for you. Let us help you invest in business growth in a responsible, sustainable manner. Drop a comment below or call us at (513) 965-7300.


Contributed by Randy Miles

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Written by Melink