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Krista Rose

As Melink's Marketing Communications Specialist, Krista Rose works to build brand awareness and share Melink's mission.
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Intelli-Hood 3 Faults

Krista Rose

Is an Intelli-Hood 3 (IH3) system installed in your commercial kitchen? In this post, we will cover common IH3 system faults.

Intelli-Hood 2 Fault Codes: “My System Fault Is Not in the Manual.”

Krista Rose

In this post, we will dive into specific fault codes for the Melink Intelli-Hood 2 (IH2) system…

Which Intelli-Hood Is in My Facility? How to Identify IH Systems

Krista Rose

How can a facility manager identify Intelli-Hood systems at his or her various properties? Different systems may be installed, and each system has its own unique

Understanding Your Intelli-Hood VFD

Krista Rose

Melink’s Intelli-Hood® controls modulate the speed of the exhaust and fan motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs). Understanding and knowing how to troubleshoot your Intelli-Hood VFD will make maintenance easier.