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As Melink's Marketing Communications Specialist, Krista Rose works to build brand awareness and share Melink's mission.
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Intelli-Hood System Basics: Using the Touchpad

Krista Rose

The Intelli-Hood® touchpad is the primary user interface of the system. Every Intelli-Hood is equipped with at least one touchpad; some systems have multiple touchpads. Touchpads vary by system model;

Intelli-Hood Wiring

Krista Rose

This post covers how to check your Intelli-Hood wiring connections and how to replace a cable. There are several connections that compose the Intelli-hood system, making this a broad subject.

Intelli-Hood Cleaning

Krista Rose

To maintain your kitchen’s system, regular Intelli-Hood cleaning is important. If general cleaning is not performed, the Intelli-Hood® system’s optic sensors can trigger a fault and will operate the fans at 100%, thus eliminating any ...

Intelli-Hood Fault Codes: Optic & Temperature Faults

Krista Rose

In this post, Melink Technical Support shares tips for diagnosing common Intelli-Hood fault codes. We primarily will cover faults common to Intelli-Hood® optic and temperature sensors. (If you are looking for information about VFD ...

Intelli-Hood System Basics: Operational Modes

Krista Rose

There are four Intelli-Hood® system operational modes: Energy ...