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Krysta Kincaid

Krysta Kincaid joined Melink Corporation in 2019 and currently serves as a Sales Engineer. She is responsible for the growth of Test, Balance & Commissioning, Intelli-Hood, and facility monitoring partnerships in the restaurant industry, nationwide. Krysta holds a Lean-Six Sigma certificate from Ohio University.

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"Help! There's so much air pressure I can't close my doors!"

4/5/21 5:08 PM / by Krysta Kincaid posted in DCKV


This was a real call we received. And it is not an uncommon issue in temperate zones, mostly in the spring or fall, in many parts of the United States. The cause of over-pressurization, or your doors unable to close, is an energy savings measure your HVAC system is trying to utilize.

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