The Benefits of Using DCKV Systems in Commercial Kitchens

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Tom Bugg

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Commercial kitchens value efficiency, so why shouldn’t this extend to their exhaust systems? In settings where consistent ventilation may not always be needed, running kitchen hood exhaust fans is nothing short of wasteful. Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DCKV) solve this problem and create a more cost efficient, comfortable way to run a commercial kitchen. 

There are many benefits to using DCKV systems in a commercial kitchen. Some are monetary; some promote environmental sustainability; all are beneficial to any business or organization. 

Significant Reduction in Energy Usage 

The primary function of DCKV systems is to reduce the amount of energy used by the kitchen hood exhaust fans within a commercial kitchen. They can save up to 66%-78% on fan energy by simply controlling fans to ensure that they are only operating when needed. By detecting when smoke and effluent are present, and only running kitchen hood fans as needed, DCKV systems decrease energy usage and limit the amount of conditioned air that is syphoned out of a space. 

DCKV systems create an energy efficient ventilation system in any space, reducing the carbon footprint of a business or organization. If sustainability is important to you, a DCKV system is a must-have for your commercial kitchen spaces. 

DCKV Saves Money: It Pays for Itself 

Less energy DCKV systems create a near instantaneous positive cash flow for a business. Businesses who invest in these systems see an immediate ROI, and the savings often pay for the system in just a couple of years. The initial cost of the system can often be offset by rebates (depending on your location), and the energy savings they create immediately begin paying down the balance owed on the system in the first month. 

When viewed as a month-to-month financial program rather than an outright purchase, DCKV systems create a net positive cashflow for a business as soon as they are installed. See this breakdown for a more detailed explanation on how DCKV systems can pay for themselves over time. 

More Comfortable and Safe Working Conditions 

DCKV systems like Melink Intelli-Hood® enhance fire safety by alerting users when the temperature in the air is too high, allowing them to make the necessary adjustments to the range to avoid accidental fires. This system also better ventilates kitchen areas with its dual sensing technology (using both temperatures and optic sensors to detect smoke and effluent). This makes them more reactive and efficient at capturing and venting out smells, and other cooking by-products, creating a better and more comfortable kitchen environment for kitchen staff and customers. 


Whether you have one kitchen hood or over 100, DCKV systems can make a difference in your kitchen. Want to learn more? Get in touch with Melink to see how Intelli-Hood ® can make a difference in your commercial kitchen space. 


Tom Bugg

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