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Brent Morris

While many are excited to emerge from a long, cold winter and enjoy the rising temperatures that come with spring, not everyone loves the shift in seasons. Facility managers around the country dread the season change as it always brings lingering HVAC problems to the forefront. 

Every year during the spring and fall as temperatures are changing, buildings around the country work hard to adjust to the change in seasons as well. The HVAC systems go from cold temps outside and constant heating of the building to cooling instead, or vice versa. This dramatic change takes a toll on the building envelope and interior and can make underlying HVAC problems that went unnoticed during one season, suddenly very noticeable. Employees and paying customers alike are feeling annoyances like:

  • Discomfort of hot and cold spots
  • Condensation dripping
  • A/C not kicking on correctly
  • Doors blowing open

These types of issues not only affect the comfort for your customers in the facility, they can also lead to
long-term maintenance and higher energy costs if not fixed quickly. This is where having an independent third party on site to inspect the equipment can assist. Hiring an independent company can help in identifying the underlying cause of such problems and repair minor issues that may have gone undetected for years. By having the facility inspected by a truly independent company, facility managers can know that the information they are receiving provides a truly accurate snapshot of their facility and is not biased or swayed based on loyalties. You will get real results with accurate and
actionable information.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with the upcoming season change, it is recommended to have these issues investigated immediately. Prices begin to rise just as the temperature does in the summer, as construction demand is at its peak during this time. Seeing some of these issues in your building? Contact Melink at or call (513) 965-7300 to talk with our team about ways to get in front of problems before they get worse!



Brent Morris

About Brent Morris

Brent Morris currently serves as the Director of Sales. He is responsible for sales, strategy, and customer service within many of the largest hospitality, healthcare, and energy service companies in North America. Brent also manages Melink's international sales efforts in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and Europe.