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Allison Sternad

Steve Melink celebrates his company’s 30th anniversary by inviting partners and friends to join the Clean Energy Revolution. 

The U.S. led the flight, computer, Internet, and every other age of the 20th century but risks losing the biggest opportunity of the 21st century to China.  The world’s population growth from 7 to 12 billion will not be sustained by fossil fuels.  For economic, security, health, and environmental reasons, the U.S. needs to pivot to clean energy. 

Fortunately, the business sector is starting to lead the way to attract Millennials and build brand power.  Solar and wind energy, along with battery storage and electric cars, are the way of the future.  Kick the fossil fuel habit and become a leader in your industry and community by doing the right thing for the planet and future generations — not to mention your children.


Allison Sternad

About Allison Sternad

Allison Sternad is the Director of Marketing & Sustainability at Melink Corporation. She leads marketing creation, strategy, and execution for Melink’s five business units: Intelli-Hood® Kitchen Hood Controls, HVAC Test and Balance, Solar PV, Geothermal, and PositiV® Building Health Monitor. In addition, she also leads the sustainability efforts both internally and for Melink’s community outreach program.