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Allison Sternad

Allison Sternad is the Director of Marketing & Sustainability at Melink Corporation. She leads marketing creation, strategy, and execution for Melink’s five business units: Intelli-Hood® Kitchen Hood Controls, HVAC Test and Balance, Solar PV, Geothermal, and PositiV® Building Health Monitor. In addition, she also leads the sustainability efforts both internally and for Melink’s community outreach program.

Recent Posts

Cultural Rules and the Global Economy

Allison Sternad

Between Milford, Ohio, and Barcelona, Spain, we have thousands of miles for you, kilometers for me, gallons of salted water for you, liters for me, pounds of earth for you and kilograms for me…

Meet Steve Hamstra, Senior VP of Engineering

Allison Sternad

We would like to welcome Steve Hamstra to Melink as the Senior Vice President of Engineering for our Solar & Geothermal Team. Steve joins us with more than 40 ...

World Environment Day

Allison Sternad

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." —Robert Swan, ...

Greater Cincinnati Businesses Can Lead Despite Paris Climate Retreat

Allison Sternad

President Donald Trump recently withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. The backlash was immediate, significant, and deserved.

Steve Melink Presents the 2017 Xavier University Commencement Address

Allison Sternad

Steve Melink gives the 2017 Xavier University graduate commencement address.