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Amy Willenborg

During almost every interview or conversation I have with a non-Melinker, I am asked why I love Melink. My response is always the same: the employees!

I am grateful for the "Good Mornings" as employees pass my office, to hear laughter, the conversations at the coffee station, and sharing thoughts and ideas with my teams.  If you know Melink, you know that we are a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability practices, but our biggest asset and greatest advantage is our employees.

Every year, one of our top strategic objectives is to ensure our organization is considered a Great Place To Work.  I am proud to say that for the last two years we have accomplished that goal! It's very gratifying to know that 93% of our employees feel management is honest and ethical in its business practices. What's more, 96% indicated they have great pride in who we are and what we do!

So, how do we sustain and keep that momentum?

We have to be transparent about our goals and actions and very intentional about making sure we are meeting the needs of our employees and providing a satisfying work life, which can certainly be tricky with half of our employees being remotely located across the world.

That is why I love springtime at Melink, as we approach our Annual Company Meeting. This is our own version of a big family reunion! We get the chance to be together in one location, ensuring all voices are heard. All employees gather at our headquarters in Milford, Ohio, to reconnect (or meet for the first time!), catch up, and learn more about each other.  We share thoughts, conduct training, share our hopes and concerns for the coming year and, of course, have fun!  We will beat up new processes, challenge each other to meet our customer needs, and focus on delivering the best results to achieve our annual and strategic goals. It is an all-hands-on-deck, no holding anything back type of week!

Our 2018 meeting is right around the corner, and the planning is almost finished. Food has been ordered, hotels confirmed, flights are scheduled, and agendas finalized. Our remote employees will start to arrive tomorrow. Our days may be packed with educational sessions, brainstorming meetings, internal presentations and forecasting, but we have plenty of fun planned too!  This year we are excited to have Scott Tallman share his BBQing talents for a cookout and enjoy a dinner cruise down the Ohio River.

The energy is building, and we will soon conduct our survey again. How did we measure up? How do we impact our employees? How do we continue to keep them engaged? While I have a good pulse on where we stand, I can’t wait to show the world once again how Melink stacks up as a Great Place To Work!



Amy Willenborg

About Amy Willenborg

Amy is Melink Corporation's Director of Customer Experience. She helps to oversee Melink's national test and balance team.