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Amy Willenborg

Amy is Melink Corporation's Director of Customer Experience. She helps to oversee Melink's national test and balance team.

Recent Posts

The Silver Lining of 2020

Amy Willenborg

I have to acknowledge that it is December, and I am not sure how we got here. As I look back at the calendar, it feels like a blur. This epic year has brought illness, an incredible election, high unemployment, economic disruption, an ...

Searching for Melink HVAC Technicians: It's Recruiting Season!

Amy Willenborg

If it's January, then it's “Recruiting Season” for Melink T&B Field Service Technicians. 

To Own Is to Serve

Amy Willenborg

In 2010, Melink started a friendly competition called the “Good to Great Awards”, inspired by Jim Collins’s book “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't."  The goal was to challenge employees ...

Top 3 Points to Consider Before Scheduling an HVAC Balance

Amy Willenborg

There are a few important items that you want to take into account before you schedule an HVAC balance. 

We Just Became an ESOP...But What Does That Mean?

Amy Willenborg

We want you to join our team. Not only is it a special place to work, but Melink became an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2018 and here’s what that means to you as an employee of Melink...

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