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Amy Willenborg

In 2010, Melink started a friendly competition called the “Good to Great Awards”, inspired by Jim Collins’s book “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't."  The goal was to challenge employees to give their best, be innovative, and make Melink a great company to sustain our goals year over year.  

In typical Melink fashion, we had several employees rise to the challenge in 2010 and set the tone for the next 10 years. We knew this was good, but can we make this friendly competition ongoing and great

2012 began a new approach, and we transitioned to a healthy competition that focused on delivering quality products and services, while continuously looking for ways to improve.  Now we were asking for employees to take ownership and responsibility to support our vision, mission, and values.  Over the next few years, great ideas were born:

  • Blowing Things Up
  • Insanely Great Service
  • Purpose with Passion
  • Sow to Grow
  • Act Like a Start Up
  • Attitude is Everything

This year’s competition focuses on stewardship by an individual, team, or collective group that is displaying Melink's Core Competencies (AKA our values). Everything that we do is built on Integrity, Service Excellence, and Innovation, and this past year we have decided to take it a step further by adding six core competencies that we believe all of Melink employees should portray:

Melink Core Competencies

Just as we do every year, we have an abundance of nominations already. Our employees are proud to be able to acknowledge someone else's hard work that makes Melink a better place, both for our employees and for our customers.

A sampling of the nominations we have received this year include:

  • “Not only does he ALWAYS do a fantastic job on all the projects he works on, he looks out for the development of the other technicians.”

  • “The tech worked on a site and took the time to explain what he was working on to the on-site personnel. This did not go unnoticed. Melink was sent a glowing thank-you email from the general contractor.”

  • “She has been above and beyond nice to me, even helping me out when my car was in the shop by giving me a ride to and from work.”

  • “He has persevered through probably double the workload than he previously had. Every engineering need from the sales team has been met with timely, quality results.”

In February 2020, we will honor the winners at our annual company meeting.  It will be difficult to select a winner, but we know from this competition that Melink will continue to strive for greatness and continual improvement.



Amy Willenborg

About Amy Willenborg

Amy is Melink Corporation's Director of Customer Experience. She helps to oversee Melink's national test and balance team.