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Matt Meyer

The HVAC industry is vast; there are many products and services that make up the build of any one system. Test and Balance (T&B) is a very important niche of the large HVAC industry. 

Many HVAC companies have offered test and balance services throughout the years, but very few of them have employed technicians dedicated specifically to T&B. Enter Steve Melink, circa 1987. Steve knew there was a service gap in the HVAC industry and addressed it. Does it really make sense for an owner to allow an installing contractor to verify the HVAC system they installed is correct? Would it not make more sense if an INDEPENDENT, CERTIFIED and SELF-PERFORMING entity verified that the mechanical engineer’s design was met? Of course, it would!


HVAC test and balance professional


Fast forward 31 years, and Melink Test & Balance is still going strong thanks to our dedicated team of technicians. These professionals are dedicated to Melink Corporation’s core values of Integrity, Innovation, and Service Excellence.


What Is a T&B Technician and What Do They Do?

Our National Network consists of more than 30 professionals. Our technician tenures range from 15 years to less than a month! 100% of Melink balancers are NEBB-trained with more than half of the network being NEBB Certified Technicians. Our technician’s experience prior to Melink varies from HVAC service technicians to general contractors to aircraft systems mechanics. Our team currently services more than 50 major accounts and we are adding more every year. As you can imagine, Melink technicians have seen nearly every type of commercial HVAC unit utilized by the commercial retail market. There is no typical "day in the life" for our T&B technicians. Between varying locations, business type and scope of work, every week is a new adventure!


Melink test & balance technician performing air balance


The lifestyle of our techs is unique, but very rewarding and profitable. All techs are road warriors, traveling across the United States each week to different jobs. Melink covers all travel expenses and supplies each tech with a company vehicle. Not only does this allow the team to see the U.S. on the company dollar, but their personal expenses decrease since most of the week they are being covered by the company. Food, gas, and vehicle expenses add up!

This position is also very independent and needs a disciplined self-starter. With most projects only needing one tech, most of the travel and work is done alone. Even so, the Melink National Network is a family. Each tech knows that a fellow balancer or office support is only a phone call or an email away if they are ever in a tight spot. Even after hours, our technicians constantly interact with one another to help each other grow and support our customers. This is not just a career or a steady job, this is a lifestyle.

On top of it all, our technicians are also partial owners of the company. Melink Corporation is now an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), which gives all Melink employees even more incentive to push the envelope with innovation and succeed as a business. Thanks to our National Network Technician team, Melink Corporation has been listed as a Best Place to Work for three consecutive years. Melink Corporation encourages input and recommendations for improving the business and improving the lives of the technicians. Melink works hard to address everything to better the position and the experience, for our employees. Striving for the best possible work/life balance is something very important to Melink Corporation.

One can find challenges in any profession they choose. But Melink’s National Network chooses to be challenged on a daily basis and to thrive in it. Their dedication and their commitment to service excellence is the backbone of Melink T&B!



Matt Meyer

About Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer is the Director of Field Service for Melink. He has been with Melink since 2015 where he started on the Intelli-Hood team. Matt has a B.S. in Construction Engineering Technology from the University of Toledo, where he also received his commission into the U.S. Army. Matt served four years of active duty before joining the civilian work force. Matt has a passion for the construction industry and learning. He was drawn to Melink Corporation’s culture and mission, where being a part of the team has inspired a passion for sustainable and energy-efficient construction practices.