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Craig Davis

Craig Davis is the CEO of Melink Corporation and has been with the organization since 2006. Craig holds a BFA from the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music and a Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership from Mount St. Joseph University. He is a certified Project Management Professional through PMI and a Certified Project Manager through Xavier University. Craig has fifteen years’ experience in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries with a focus in HVAC Testing & Balancing, Building Automation Controls, and Solar Photovoltaics.

Recent Posts

Celebrating Women in Engineering

Craig Davis

Today, July 23, is International Women in Engineering Day. It's a day celebrated annually recognizing the work and achievement of women in engineering.

Climate Change & Your Vote

Craig Davis

Call climate change an environmental crisis, an economic opportunity, a matter of national security… Call it whatever you want as long as you don’t call it a “hoax” or “fake news.” Our world is literally burning as we still sit idly by ...

Economic Recovery and the Clean Energy Revolution

Craig Davis

Companies, non-profits, government organizations, healthcare facilities, and institutions of higher learning will soon look beyond survival to recovery, and eventually growth.

How to Be an Employee Owner with Swagger

Craig Davis

swag·ger /ˈswaɡər/ verb To walk or behave in a very confident way.