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Savannah Mussari

Savannah Mussari is a senior from the University of Dayton who joined Melink Corporation in May 2020. She currently serves as the Sales Engineering Co-op. Savannah is responsible for the collection of deficiency data for select National Accounts and for the development and review of site reports. In addition, Savannah assists with the growth of test and balance partnerships of both the restaurants and retail industries, nationwide.

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Co-Op Life: Getting Past the Dreaded Question

5/17/21 2:12 PM / by Savannah Mussari posted in Corp


Let’s have some real talk. Remember that dreaded question when you were a high school teenager: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” *Shudder* Maybe you had an answer prepared that delighted the person who asked which “lucky you”, swiftly ended the conversation. Or maybe you were like me and you stood there awkwardly for a few seconds while staring at your feet and mumbling something along the lines of “Uhhhh, I don’t know. Something that I like doing that helps make the world a better place… I guess.” Then you pretended like you heard your mom calling and scurried away hoping you hadn’t brought too much shame to yourself in what surely wasn’t your finest moment. No? Just me? Good! I wasn’t the only one.

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