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Why Recommission

Darren Witter

Building commissioning is often viewed as a one-time procedure performed during a building’s initial construction, among hundreds of other tasks.  (That ...

Healthy Buildings & Employee Performance: The Next Revolution?


Do you want to optimize your employees' performance by 299%?  Increase cognitive ability in strategy development by 288%?

Holistic HVAC Design: A New Level of Efficiency

Steve Melink

Commercial buildings are commonly heated and cooled with mechanical equipment, powered by electrical service, and connected to plumbing systems such as natural gas and condensate lines depending on the type of HVAC system. Hence, ...

Dynamic Air Flow in Kitchen Design & the Importance of Air Balancing

Deebak Gobalraj

As we all know, the hospitality industry is developing a lot these days. Owners are investing heavily into their hotels in order to globalize them and create unique destinations. This development is mainly due to the increase in ...

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