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Why Recommission

Darren Witter

Building commissioning is often viewed as a one-time procedure performed during a building’s initial construction, among hundreds of other tasks. (That ...

PositiV: A Facility Manager's Dream Product


This week my team and I had the unique pleasure of attending the Restaurant Facility Management Association's annual conference, RFMA, in Austin, ...

Healthy Buildings & Employee Performance: The Next Revolution?


Do you want to optimize your employees' performance by 299%? Increase cognitive ability in strategy development by 288%?

Top 5 Negative Building Pressure Problems

Brent Morris

The difference between outside air supplied to a building and air removed from inside a building is the building pressure. Typically, a slightly positive (or more air being supplied than taken out) building pressure is wanted for ...

Is Your Business Haunted, or Is It Something Worse?

Brent Morris

Is your business experiencing spooky symptoms?