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Daniel Himes

Daniel Himes joined Melink Corporation in 2021 as a Business Development Manager. He provides an array of customized building solutions—including Test, Balance & Commissioning, Intelli-Hood, and PositiV facility monitoring—to Melink’s retail and grocery clients nationwide. Daniel has been serving commercial and industrial HVAC customers since 2006, and is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University.

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Is Your Indoor Air Environment Driving Your Sales Up or Driving Your Customers Out the Door?

5/11/21 3:40 PM / by Daniel Himes


Can you think of a time when you experienced less than desirable ambient conditions while visiting a retail store, supermarket, restaurant, or another similar venue? Chances are a few come to mind immediately. I know I can think of several! Was the store too warm? Was it freezing cold? Or, maybe it was stuffy, had high humidity or was even odoriferous! Regardless of which condition you experienced; it likely affected your overall shopping experience. And chances are you didn’t stay as long as you originally intended. Furthermore, if you experienced these uncomfortable conditions frequently at the same location, you might have stopped visiting that particular business altogether—or even switched to a competitor.

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